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Feel free to check out my favorite artwork done by my awesome fans! But let me warn you, there is absolutely NO pairing art with me in my faves, so if you're looking for that type of art, you're outta luck...

I will also fave artwork of my pals in addition!


I'm feeling kind of bored, so anyone who wants to chat with me, please post in this journal!


Ask-SEGASonic-Touko's Profile Picture
Touko a.k.a. Hilda :3!
United States
Credit for my awesome icon goes to :iconthehypershinobi:!

OOC:I prefer Hilda to be single, so please don't ask any pairing-related questions, okay?

Hello! I'm Touko (Hilda as I am known in English-speaking countries.), and I once lived in the Unova Region of the Pokemon World, but one day, I stumbled into a portal in the Battle Subway that lead me to Sonic the Hedgehog's homeworld. Sonic and his friend, Tails stumbled onto me when I entered their world through the Portal. Sonic stopped quickly, knowing that he would have run over me if he didn't. He then asked me "Are you okay?" Then I said "Yes. I'm fine =)! My name is Touko in case you were wondering!" Sonic then said in a relieved, yet calm voice "Touko huh? Cute name!" Sonic then asked me enthusiastically "Want to be friends?" I then said in an excited tone "Sure! I can't believe i'm friends with the most famous hedgehog ever!" And that was the story of how I became friends with Sonic.

Thankfully, my friends and even my Mom come to visit me every week! I also use my trusty Pokemon against Eggman, too!

Recently, i've really wanted to dye my hair Sky Blue! I think my hair would look great in that color *giggle*!

My beloved Pokemon team:

Name: Yakko (Named after the Animaniacs character, Yakko Warner.)
Move 1:Aqua Tail.
Move 2: X-Sisscor.
Move 3:Ice Beam.
Move 4:Giga Impact.

Nickname: Stacy.
Move 1: Psychic.
Move 2: Shadow Ball.
Move 3:Flash Cannon.
Move 4:Energy Ball.

Name: Phil.
Move 1:Leaf Blade.
Move 2: Dig.
Move 3:Giga Impact.
Move 4:Swords Dance.

Name: Helen.
Move 1:Thunderbolt.
Move 2:Signal Beam.
Move 3: Power Gem.
Move 4:Hyper Beam.

Name: Blaze.
Move 1:Flamethrower.
Move 2: Dragon Pulse.
Move 3: Psychic.
Move 4:Shadow Ball.

Move 1:Aura Sphere.
Move 2: Psystrike.
Move 3:Energy Ball.
Move 4:Ice Beam.

And that is the Pokemon team that I use when I help Sonic fight Eggman!

My best friends! (Feel free to ask me if you wish to be added to this list!)

:iconpokemonlovelivefan99:My biggest fan! Literally!

:iconsummahsun:My best friend who is also one of my many fans =)!

:iconn-ugatory--vibrato:My awesome, random friend :3!

:iconpokesonfangirl:My pet Clefairy who is one of my loyal fans :dummy:!

:iconsonicpokemonprincess:My pet Mew!

:iconstealthclaw96:One of my many awesome fans!

:iconpkrockinlovebeamxx:A close friend of mine :aww:!

:iconrp-blue-blur-sonic:My closest friend (Along with Bianca and Cheren), he is also the hero of the planet that we live on!

:iconcooltailsplz:My other close friend, who helps us out when we fight Dr. Eggman!

:iconasktails-exe:The EXE version of Sonic's closest friend.

:iconask-classic-tails:Sonic's friend, Tails when he was younger!

:iconcoolshadowplz:Even though me and Shadow are rivals, we are secretly friends! Also, "Where's that D*MN fourth Chaos Emerald!" XD!

:iconbianca2plz:My childhood friend who is now an assistant of Prof. Juniper's. She occassionally goes on adventures with us, and is also friends with Tails!

:iconcheren2plz:My other childhood friend who is now the Aspertia City Gym Leader! He is also Pen Pals with Knuckles!

:icontouyaplz:My next door neighbor who was my friend when I lived in Nuvema Town!

:iconblack2plz:My other friend who is a Battle Subway enthusiast like I once was. He also gets along with Team Chaotix well ^_^!

:iconwhite2plz:My adorable friend who is currently the Unova Champion after beating Iris! She is also close friends with Sonic in addition :3!

:iconfuuroplz:My friend who exchanges beauty tips with me! She is also Unova's best pilot! She is friends with Shadow!

:iconkamitsureplz:My friend who is Unova's best fashion model! She also gets along with Espio and exchanges fashion tips with me!

:iconask-ingo-kid:One of the awesome Subway Masters =D!


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Feel free to donate if you want :iconbigmeowplz:!


1. Even though Hilda has made friends with Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow and Silver, she is still friends with Hilbert, Bianca, Cheren, Nate, Rosa and Yancy because they come and visit her every week!

2. Hilda decided at age 10 that she would never fall in love with no one...

3. Hilda will wear a dress, but only if it is sexy and/or comfortable!

4. Hilda occassionally puts her hair down to feel more comfortable and to also let her hair flow freely.

5. Before Hilda moved to Sonic's world, she was a Battle Subway master unlike any other!

6. Even though Hilda grew up playing the Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64 and Gamecube, she also grew up playing the Sega Genesis, Sega Saturn and Sega Dreamcast.

7. Hilda will do anything to protect Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Bianca, Cheren, Rosa and Yancy from danger!

8. Hilda's favorite place on Sonic's world is the Casino Night Zone!

My close friends (Subject to change)!

BF:Yeah right, like I would ever want to be in a relationship where I can't do whatever I want whenever I want, so I prefer to be single :D!

BFFs::iconrp-blue-blur-sonic:My closest friend along with Bianca and Cheren :dummy:!

:iconask-classic-tails:He is Sonic's sidekick/little brother, who is also my best friend!

:iconbianca2plz:My childhood friend along with Cheren. She is also my sidekick/little sister :3!

:iconcheren2plz:He is now the gym leader of Aspertia City, and he is also the smarty pants out of all my friends (In a good way.)!

Rivals::iconcoolshadowplz:He is famous for his Chaos Control techniques, and is Sonic's rival in addition.

Enemies::icondreggmanplz:He is Sonic's arch-enemy and he is nicknamed "Baldy McNosehair" by Sonic XD!

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